A System That Works For You Around The Clock

Sartorial has you covered for all your business needs. We provide order entry, purchase tracking, customer management, product inventory, human resources, reporting, coupon management, messaging system, calendar, site editor, and continually updated content. What more could you need?

Amazing Capabilities For All Functions.

Dashboard on Monitor

The dashboard provides you with an overview of every facet of your business. See summaries of recent orders, customer actions, reports, messages, calendar, and more.


Manage And Meet Customer Needs

  • Capture and edit contact info
  • Keep physical measurements
  • See recent activity
  • View their orders
  • Suggest recommendations
  • Place an order

Communicate and Set Events

Our messaging system allows you to contact anyone you need. The inbox will also show your most recent messages. The calendar allows you to create events and see what’s on your schedule for the day, week, and month.

Call Center

24 Hour Support Is Here To Help You

Having trouble or got a question? You can contact us anytime and our helpdesk will work to resolve the issue. Our system allows you to create a ticket and provide information relevant to your need.

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Your eCommerce Store Is Always Open


No more doing business only during retail hours. Customers will be able to shop online and purchase from you whenever they want.


Give Your Customers Options

Your customers will be able to browse numerous styles, select garment characteristics, and customize the measurements to their own preferences.

Offer Coupons That You Control

Customers enjoy discounts and with our system you can create coupons to your liking. Controllable options include quantity, duration, cash amount, percentage, and customer type.

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Choose From The Finest Products,
Access The Leading Manufacturers


No more time spent trying to gain access to manufacturers. No worries about your inventory and out-of-stock items. No wasted time processing an order. And no need to worry about shipping.


View All Your Orders At Anytime

You and your customers can view the status, delivery date, product number, garment type, and more. Our vendor integration also informs you when the supplier has viewed, processed, completed, and shipped the order.

Easy Backend Order Entry In Only A Few Steps

Need to process an order for a customer? Our backend system allows for easy order processing and full garment customization. Simply configure your item and the supplier will know the specifications to fill.

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Recommend Products To Your Customers


Our integrated recommendation feature allows you to suggest products to your customers that are based on their personal style preferences. Create a new look for them and attach a personal note about the selections you made.


Cross-sell And Upsell

You just found a new suit for a customer, so why not also offer a shirt and tie? Perhaps a customer needs a shirt, but you want to show them why a premium vendor is better. Your customers will be happy that you’ve thought of them and your own sales will soar!

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Customize Your Website To Your Brand


We offer the ability to customize your site around your own brand and personality. Choose between letting our branding professionals do the work or doing it yourself.


Personalize Theme Layout

  • Colors, fonts, headers, buttons, and backgrounds can all be modified.
  • Add new banners to your homepage.
  • Edit the sections of each page, including name, heading, body, image, and meta.
  • Create text entries for FAQs.

Add and Edit Your Content

Want to promote some new content across your social media? No problem.

Need to make some changes? Our system makes it easy to update your content and keep it current.

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Responsive Performance Across All Devices


Our enterprise level system will integrate seamlessly with all your tech devices.

Accept Mobile Payments With Paypal Here

We’ve proudly partnered with Paypal Here, allowing you to process customer payments straight on your mobile phone.

Aiport Man On Tablet

Take It With You On The Go

Need to travel? Our mobile and tablet capabilities mean you can remain working no matter where you need to be.

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