Sartorial Services offers you all the tools you need to better run your business.



Sell Online To Your Customers

Are you providing the ability to purchase through your website? The sales capabilities of your business need to stay current with technology. If you don’t have an online sales presence, then you are limiting your sales. Our system is:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick to setup
  • Comprehensive
  • Safe and secure

Product Management

We Manage Every Step From A to Z

No more worrying about the arduous process of setting up a new account with a manufacturer. By using Sartorial Services, you are given complete access to the leading clothing manufacturers.

Plus, we manage every step of the way i.e. order processing, inventory, shipping, etc. You just choose which garments you want to sell and focus on making sure your clients look great in them.



Keeping Up With The Latest Strategies

Let our team of expert marketing professionals design and execute an effective marketing campaign for you. We’ll work to expand your business with your existing customer base and also find you new clients.

Our effective marketing, p.r. and referral tools will get you found and will lower your customer acquisition cost. We EXECUTE so that you know your marketing strategy is professional, effective, timely, relevant and current.

KMP #3


You Are Your Own Brand

Let us help you invest in yourself. After all, you made the decision to become an entrepreneur and you should reap all the benefits of your hard work.

We make sure your personal brand is professional, memorable, and consistent across every touchpoint of your business.

We realize that your most valuable assets are the advice and time you spend with your customers. That’s why we support you across all areas of your business and ensure that your day is spent doing what you enjoy, not dealing with headaches and wasting time.

Sartorial Services helps you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams!